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Dubrovnik City Tour We recommend you our city tour which will include all the interesting sites that are listed in the program of Dubrovnik Old Town Walk but additionally we will take you for a short panoramic ride. more Old Town Walk Let our guide show you around the most beautiful parts of Dubrovnik Old Town – pearl of architecture recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1979. We will familiarize you with the long and fascinating history of Dubrovnik... more Jewish Sites Tour The first confirmed records about Jews in Dubrovnik date back to 14th century, but the most of them came here in the end of 15th century after Spanish expulsion and later in the beginning of 16th century after Italian expulsions. more Game of Thrones Tour If you are a great fan of one of the most popular TV series of our time, 'the Game of Thrones', this tour is a must-do for you. more
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Tours from Dubrovnik
Mostar tour This is one of the most popular destinations for one day excursions from Dubrovnik. And we definitely recommend you taking this private tour with us. Mostar is a beautiful, multicultural city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, situated on the... more Montenegro Coast Tour The border of Montenegro is only about 40 km away from Dubrovnik which makes this small and enchanting country one of the most popular destinations for one day excursions. In Montenegro we will drive along the main coastal road through... more Albania Tour from Dubrovnik Albania is a country of friendly, tolerant people, fascinating Ottoman cities teeming with history, magnificent mountain scenery and charming villages. It is also a country which was isolated for more than sixty years! With us you can... more Split tour Split is second biggest city in Croatia and capital of Dalmatia County picturesquely situated on the shore of Adriatic Sea. As it an ancient city which history goes back to 6th century BC, its Old Town area has a lot to offer. more
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Dubrovnik Activities
Jet Ski If you want to increase level of adrenaline in your veins, have a great fun and visit remarkable places on the Adratic Sea nearby Dubrovnik, let's come with us and join our Jet Ski Safari. We ensure unforgettable experiences during 2... more Buggy Safari This activity is for everyone who wants to experience the real adventure and explore more than only the Old Town in Dubrovnik. more Boat tours We welcome you on board of our small Leidi 600 motorboat equipped with shower, kitchen, toilet, and cd player. more Yacht/boat charter We offer you our help with finding best price offer for renting private yachts, boats, speedboats, motorboats, sailing boats and catamarans. more
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